Responsible Travel World is an online media engaged in sharing news, features, stories, articles and events on responsible travel and sustainable tourism from round the globe.

We are a group of passionate travellers.  Travellers who believe in slow-tours; tours which are authentic and unique by all means.

Imagine how Kerala still maintains its legacy of centuries old naval drill in the form Snake Boat Races; how the Goan Cuisine added up Chicken Cafreal a dish made by the African Muslim Slaves from the Portugeese Colonies who were out caste from their muslim community is now a tasty dish served across restaurants; how the bombing of Chennai during Second World War forced the British Empire to make a road named The Escape Road which is now a off-beat trekking route from Kodaikanal to Munnar.

To us destination matters. Its culture, ecology, environment, society, people all makes a destination pure and authentic.  And, we are here to share those wonderful stories of such destinations that will enthuse our readers.

Alongwith the positive developments happening across the globe, we are very much concerned with the exploitations that happens across the industry.

Situations like orphans in some of the developing countries being used as a major attraction in showcasing poverty and generate sympathy; to indigenous people displaced by the industry developments with lame excuses and silly reasons that works only for profits are our major concerns. We will strongly come out against such situations and will campaign for the effected people and try to bring a change, however small it could be.

All said and done, we know it is not so easy. Since 2010, when we initiated Responsible Travel World, we had to take breaks in between, as we found it hard to sustain. It is really with the support of many passionate travellers like you we could make it work again. We are thankful to all noble souls who had lend their time and had trusted in this social enterprise.

We are sure our Dream is not simply our’s, as there is someone like us who is having the same taste and likes, thinking of a great planet, for a Better Tomorrow, for the coming generations.