ADTOI is committed in revitalising Domestic Travel Trade


In a brief discussion with Responsible Travel World before the Annual Convention of Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India ( ADTOI ), it’s Convention Chairman, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal briefs future plans and course of action of ADTOI, and the programmes and policies his organisation aims to bring forward so as to strengthen the Domestic Travel Industry in India. 

ADTOI has announced the Annual Conference theme as Billion+ Opportunities, What exactly does the Association aim with it ?

Aim of ADTOI is to tap the  world’s biggest opportunities. Our nation is the biggest democracy harbouring the worlds 2nd largest population of 1.32 billion. This means that one out of every 6 people on this planet live in India and I can say with conviction that every Indian has or will travel within the country as a domestic tourist. By channelizing these big numbers in the right direction we can Domestic Tourism to  new heights.

Travelling within the country for any reason- be it a holiday, business , pilgrimage, Adventure,  yoga-meditation, weddings, conferences to even celebrate festivities like the kumbh mela or famous traditions like a mundane ceremony at the ghats of ganga constitutes domestic tourism. Thus the theme of this convention is “Domestic Tourism- Billion plus opportunities”

With the advent of Online Travel Organisations, the development of Technology in the Travel Data Analysis, a travel agent can no more be a simple logistics and hotel booking agent, what specific steps is ADTOI initiating with regards to scaling up of the Travel Agents from the old-fashioned travel service providers to the contemporary Travel Specialists ?

There is no doubt that Technology  has changed the dynamics of the Travels Industry. The entire travel fraternity understands the need of the hour is to adapt themselves to technology. we have been organising various presentation by various Hoteliers, online portals, Digital Marketing companies on our monthly General House meeting . Would Invite you to attend one of our meetings in future.

Safety of Woman in Travel is a prime concern in the Indian scenario, and many woman travellers often share their concern with regards to this. As a responsible Travel Industry Associate how well does ADTOI plans to initiate steps to provide support to woman travellers ?

As an association we are committed to women safety for which we have organised women safety Road shows in Delhi along with the Ministry of Tourism Govt of India.

Travel and Tour business across the globe has transitioned from the age-old brick and mortar travel agents to app-based travel consultants. Is ADTOI providing any support schemes for the travel agents for adapting with the changes of technology and time ?

Yes we do update our members with New technologies/opportunities in Travel business with various presentation happens in our General House meeting.

Travel in India is sort of cliched, it is the same old destinations, and itineraries. Is ADTOI taking any effort to explore the Unknown India, and slowly promote the unexplored destinations within India ?

Based on your above question we have kept one business session on 10th April 2016  . I am sure you would be a part of the same.

Where and How do you see the role of ADTOI, in the coming years ?

In coming years we can foresee this Association spreading its wings in all states of India and the force to reckon with for DOMESTIC TOURISM IN INDIA and would have its say in Government and private sectors.

There are sops and support from various governments abroad in promoting internal tourism programs. Do you think Indian state governments or the central government should come out with such schemes and support? Is there any representation provided and how is the response ?

Yes we have organised  training programmes  by Gujarat Tourism and Madhya Pradesh Tourism for the benefit of the Travel fraternity at large

Travellers are more intelligent these days, How can you guarantee quality travel and value to the money a travellers spends ? Don’t you think ADTOI should initiate a Travel Insurance scheme as the AITO of UK provides ?

Yes why not ? As an association we need to understand  Travel Insurance Schemes. We are in process of finalising Ethical Business Practices for our members which would result in Quality deliverance to the traveller.

Does ADTOI have any plans to position its activities in the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism segment, if yes, what steps have you taken ?

ADTOI always supports Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Growth for which we are working very closely with Ministry of Tourism Government of India. We will announce new initiative shortly.

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